Rain Chains


 You can create beauty from a storm using this outer device that is a trend. Rain Chains are beautiful looking and a good decorative option vs downspouts.

Kusari doi – the Japanese characters are 锁 樋 – and that literally translates as “chain gutters”, called here rain chains, have been used in Japan for centuries.

They are used as downpipes of the rainwater collected from the roof, by the gutter to the ground, and flowing through a chain to a drainage bed such as a gravel road or bed of bowls or in some type of water catchment receptacle.


Rain chains originate from traditional Japanese homes, gardens and architectural designs that are increasingly found in modern homes, which is not surprising considering the influence of traditional Japanese house design on contemporary architecture.

They are also increasingly popular because they are associated with an ecological value, since they usually collect water for reuse or as irrigation to the garden, instead of going to storm drains. Although it may seem that their purpose was traditionally decorative, they work perfectly as downspouts.

With regard to basic functionality, the rain chains meet the basic requirement of a downpipe and although it can handle the same amount of water as downpipe in some cases its benefits may be outweighed by the argument that with a large rain and wind the chain may splash. This is why is recommended for large roof overhang.

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